Chapter 1 Episode 23 Dealing With Your Inner Editor

October 3, 2017



We all have one. April’s is a Danny Devito look-alike and smokes a cigar. Yours may look like a chicken, a six-foot rabbit named Harvey, or even Edna Mode (no capes!). Whatever it is, it’s watching you write and whispering in your ear, “No, that’s awful. Stop now before it’s too late.” No, it isn’t some weird imaginary friend. Instead, it’s your inner editor, which is what we’re chatting about this week. Stop by and listen to why you shouldn’t listen to your inner editor while writing, when to listen to it, and how to turn it off on demand.

Links and Sites Mentioned in Episode 23 Dealing With Your Inner Editor

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Red Dwarf (BBC show)

Episode 22 Finding a Mentor

Pep Talk from Ari Asercion

National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo)

Putting Away Your Inner Editor (NaNoWriMo Young Writers Program PDF)

Stay tuned for next weeks episode when we chat about Balancing Writing With Family

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