What Happened to Today’s Podcast? Enjoy the “Sounds of Silence.”

July 4, 2017

An eager world awakes, snatches up their phones, grabs earbuds, running shoes, and a water bottle. Feet dance down porch steps as an already muggy morning greets them. A press of the button, maybe two.


Stride broken, eyes bore into the phone, fingers fumble, slide, tap. A rising sense of panic ensues when, looking at the available podcast episodes for Alive & Writing, there are only thirteen.  And this is week fourteen.


Disappointment swells from heart to throat.  Tears well up in eyes that no longer see a joyous jog down favorite paths.

Understanding dawns.  “It’s a holiday!  I get it!”

Other joggers pass, offering odd looks and suggestions of more water.  “It’s gonna be a scorcher. Don’t want to dehydrate!”  Their unspoken words scream even louder. You already are, aren’t you?

Fingers slide once more, but there’s nothing to interest.  Disappointment strips all joy from anything else (I can’t stop laughing as I type.  Thought you oughtta know). Dismayed and discouraged, folks turn back and drag themselves up the steps of their homes.

“It’s only for a month. I can make it.  Maybe.”

What Happened to Today's Podcast ? Enjoy the “sounds of Silence.”

What? WHAT?

Yep!  It’s July, and you know what that means?  Alive & Writing is “off” for a month!  That’s right!   For 31 scorching days (after all, we’re desert dwellers, you know), we’re holed up in our swamp-cooled homes and trying not to melt before August arrives to ensure we do!

No, really.

We thought it might be time to share our 2017 show schedule… now that we’ve got you hooked.  We hope.

April-June: 13 episodes “You Are Not Alone.”

July: Off for vacation

What Happened to Today's Podcast ? Enjoy the “sounds of Silence.”

August-October: 13 episodes (Title to be announced.  Clark’s gunning for, “You’re REALLY Not Alone.”)

Order and titles subject to change:

  • 14 – Life the Universe and Everything Conference (February 18)
  • 15 – The Joy of Helping Others
  • 16 – Friends outside writing
  • 17 – Hobbies outside writing
  • 18 – Chautona’s Favorite Thing About Writing
  • 19 – Clark’s Favorite Thing About Writing
  • 20 – April’s Favorite Thing about Writing
  • 21 – Why You Shouldn’t Hate Marketing
  • 22 – Finding a Mentor
  • 23 – Dealing with Your Inner Editor
  • 24 – Balancing with family
  • 25 – Setting boundaries
  • 26- Doing Your Best

November:  4 episodes  “NaNoWriMo Blitz” — Just our way to help you through the minefield we lovingly call “NaNo.”  Yeah!

December:  Off for vacation


I know what you’re thinking *snickers* “What’ll we DO for a whole month???”

I’ve got cool beans suggestions for you.

  1. Join Camp NaNoWriMo!  Sure, we’re four days in.  Who cares?  In July, you get to choose your word count anyway!
  2. Edit!  You know you’ve been turning off your inner editor, so let him have free rein for a while and get some polishing done. And stay tuned for the podcast about containing that beast!
  3. Speaking of polishing, what about that silver that Grandma has been hounding you about.  Clean that stuff up!
  4. Clean?  Have you been neglecting your house while binge listening to Alive & Writing (yeah… I’m gonna make that MY excuse, okay?)?  Well, now’s your time to get it all spiffy and clean in anticipation of Part 2! Just don’t use up all the water.  We’re still in a drought here in SoCal!
  5. Speaking of water, maybe you should just spend the month at the beach, the pool, the lake, by a mountain stream.  Oh, that sounds awesome.  Anyway, take a relaxing month OFF. Yeah… we did!

But… we won’t be leaving you completely empty for the month!

Has anyone noticed missing blog posts?  I’m going to assume I just heard a “Duh!  Yeah!” out there somewhere.  Well, those’ll be coming in July.  Sorry for the delay, but family emergencies and a badly sprained ankle messed me up in June.  So, for July, I’ll catch up.  Because we really do appreciate you listening!

Have a fabulous Independence Day, Americans.  And the rest of you guys, just have a great day, okay!  Forget that, have a marvelous month!

I’m just gonna leave this awesome song right here.

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