Announcing the Launch of the New Alive & Writing Podcast

March 28, 2017

“I’m alive… and I’m writing.”

It answers just about every question I’m asked.  I arrive at Denny’s and the server says, “How are you doing?” It’s simple. I’m alive and writing.

My publicist asks if the book will ever be done. I shrug and mutter, “Probably. After all, I’m alive and I’m writing.”

The kids ask if we’re going to eat this week… I glare at the self-cleaning but not self-cooking stove and sigh, “Why? I’m alive, yeah. But I’m also writing. Can’t you just forage out in the… sand?”

Alive & Writing Launch

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So What’s Alive & Writing?

It’s really as simple as it sounds. We’re just three writers who get together on a regular basis to ensure that we and our stories are still breathing. We brainstorm novels, discuss recent wins… and those not-to-be-named things that are the opposite of wins. One of us will have found a new blog–another podcast or a book.

And then it hit us.

We are not alone in this. In fact, that’s the theme of our first “chapter.” You are not alone.  And you’re not. None of us are. Sometimes it may feel like it… trust us, we know. But we’re not, and that’s what makes life, both as writers and humans on this fabulous planet, so cool. We’re all in this together.

So maybe it’s time we live like it.

Welcome to Alive & Writing

We’re here to talk about what life as a writer looks like in the real lives of three very different writers. To learn just a bit more about each of us, step on over to the CAST page.  Here you’ll meet Chautona, April, and Clark.  Just three, ordinary (not to be misconstrued as normal) folks with overly active imaginations.

What’ll we be talking about?  Glad you asked. In our first “Chapter” (season) we have:

  • Mental health for the author
  • Time Management
  • Brainstorming sessions
  • and the Blue Angels!

That fourth one is no lie–but you only get to hear them. It’s a podcast, after all, not a vlog!

So pull up a chair, a car seat, a treadmill… wherever you love to listen, and let’s dig into just what it means when we say, “You are not alone!”

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