The Best of Alive and Writing – Chapter 1 Episode 6 It’s Not a Competition

April 17, 2018

Best of Alive & Writing 2018 | Chapter 1 Episode 6 Its Not a Competition

The Alive & Writing crew is on break for the month of April. We’re recording more episodes, participating in Camp NaNo, and basically doing a lot of writerly stuff. Don’t worry, all of this will benefit you. Just not until May.

Until then, we’re posting the most downloaded episodes from Chapter 1 every Tuesday this month. So, sit back, relax, and listen as we chat about troubleshooting life as a writer.

In Chapter 1 Episode 4 Procrastination the co-hosts chat about how to stop procrastinating and get writing!


You can find all the links and sites mentioned on the original episode page.

Alive and Writing Book Club (Facebook group)

Future Episodes:

Episode Repost (24th): Leaving Time for Yourself

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