Chapter 2 Episode 1: What Awesome Things Are Coming in Chapter 2?

January 2, 2018


Alive and Writing Podcast | Season 2 | Episode 1 | What Awesome Things Are Coming in Chapter 2?




Did you miss us? Awww, we missed you too! And, to make it up to you, this Chapter is going to be awesome. We’ve got all sorts of things planned for this year, least of which is putting our money where our mouths are and showing you what we’re doing, instead of just telling you. There’s more though. So. Much. More.

In this episode, Chautona, April, and Clark chat about NaNo last year, what they’re up to this year, and a couple of fun surprise announcements!

Mentioned in the podcast this week:

The Adventures of Dr. McNinja

Boundaries by Cloud & Townsend (2nd Edition)

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