Chapter 2 Episode 12 How to Choose the Best Content to Offer as a Freebie

March 20, 2018

Chapter 2 Episode 12 How to Choose the Best Content to Offer as a Freebie


Do you love a good freebie? So do we! Unfortunately, giving your book away for free may not be the best marketing option for you. Or maybe it is. How do you decide? In this podcast episode, the co-hosts discuss the difference between free and cheap, what a loss leader is, things you can give away for free other than a book, and a whole lot more.

Mentioned in the Episode

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Why Indie Authors Shouldn’t Give Away Free Books by Michael Jason Brandt

How to Use Free Giveaways to Grow Your List and Sell a Ton of Books (it’s not what you think!)

How to Create a Freebie for Your Email List by Kirsten Oliphant

How Much Free Content Is Too Much by Create If Writing Podcast

How Much Content Should You Give Away for Free by Entrepreneur On Fire Podcast

How to Use Free to Drive Your Marketing Strategy by Michael Hyatt

Alive and Writing Book Club (Facebook group)

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