Chapter 2 Episode 13 How to Create A Freebie You Can Be Proud Of

March 26, 2018

Alive & Writing Podcast | Chapter 2 Episode 13 How to Create A Freebie You Can Be Proud Of


Last week we chatted about how to market your book using a free or 99 cent model. This week it’s still about marketing but about capturing your audience attention…and email address. The co-hosts discuss the difference between marketing strategies, how many freebies is enough, what can you use as a freebie, and walk April through a quick brainstorming session on creating her own freebie.

Mentioned in the Episode

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How to Create a Freebie for Your Email List by Kirsten Oliphant

How Authors and Writers Can Build an Email List for Marketing by Joanna Penn

How to Survive Your First Opt-In Freebie and Be Successful At It by Meera Kothand

Ultimate Guide To Creating An Irresistible List Building Freebie by Rodney Washington
NOTE: Scroll towards the bottom of this long post for great freebie examples!

How To Create Content To Attract Your Target Market by Amy Porterfield
NOTE: This is a podcast episode with blog content.

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