Chautona HavigChautona Havig:

Capable of writing books in a variety of genres, Chautona is, however, incapable of writing a simple bio worth a hill of beans, peanuts, or peanut shells.

Author of… um.. yeah, a bunch of books, Chautona escapes into her imaginary worlds and emerges only long enough for sleep, a bite to eat, and to request a refill on her Coke. Again.

Chautona can also be found at her website: Just the Write Escape

April HaymanApril Hayman:

April Hayman lives in the high desert of California with her husband and their three sons. During the day, she focuses on homeschooling the boys and working on client projects. She writes at night when the temperature outside is only somewhat cooler than during the day.

April collects fountain pens, has too many pen pals (and always looking for more), journals sporadically, creates art when she can squeeze it in, and hoards stationery.

April can also be found at her website: The Picayune Pen

C.R. RowensonC. R. Rowenson:

Like most writers, C. R. Rowenson spent his life exploring the endless imaginary realms and harrowing perils presented by the magic of books. Now, with dual degrees in chemical engineering and chemistry, an overactive imagination, and a horribly twisted mind, he crafts tales of his very own. Now, Clark spends his time blowing things up, spreading chaos, and killing people.

Fortunately for us, it’s all in his head.

Clark can also be found at his website C. R. Rowenson