Chapter 1 Episode 3 Self Criticism

April 18, 2017

Writing is tough, being an author is tougher. Here at Alive and Writing, we take a closer look at all the challenges you will face as an author including issues with mental health, time management, professionalism, and more.

Alive & Writing | Chapter 1 Episode 3 Self Criticism

Each of us is utterly flawless in our planning, writing, and execution, which is why none of us ever fall prey to self criticism.


Is self-criticism good or bad? Can we even use it to our advantage? Most importantly, how are we supposed to handle it? Let’s get rambling talking and figure this nasty business out.

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Stay tuned for next weeks episode when we chat about procrastinating.

Future Episodes:

Leaving Time for Yourself
It’s NOT a Competition

And please, let us know how we’re doing. We’re anxious to explore all areas of a writer’s life. And let’s face it. As completely different as we all are from each other, we’re not going to think of everything.

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