How New Beginnings Can Help Solve Old Problems

January 9, 2019

“Where’s the podcast?”

I tried to convert the wince that formed into a grin. Confession. I suspect it looked more like a grimace.

Here’s the thing. I didn’t know where it was… not really. I knew why it wasn’t available yet, but that isn’t quite the same thing.

We’d had a  first year of great content, and half a year again of really cool stuff.  Then one of our team members got hit with a huge family setback that rippled through the rest of the year and still continues to make an impact.

I wanted to be able to say, “We’ll be up and going on xyz date.”

But that was the problem, of course.  I could only say “xyz” date. Putting actual numbers in there wasn’t possible.

It still isn’t.

Bible readers will be familiar with the barn building parable… and Jesus’ admonition to “count the cost” before building.  Well, we thought we did.  We were wrong.  Hours upon hours of audio editing take up a significant amount of April’s work time.  That’s just not right. But we can’t afford an audio editor, either.


What’s a team to do?

We took a hard, realistic look at our workloads, what the podcast adds to those loads, and came to a hard conclusion.  We’d have to pause it until we could fix the problems. Not what we wanted to do. However, the examination process taught us something.

How New Beginnings Can Help Solve Old Problems

New Beginnings Can Help Solve Old Problems

We’ve always had time management issues with the podcast. In that we know we’re not alone, but still… Part of that seemed like a natural result of trying to fit three very different schedules into one bucket. After an unexpected, extended break, it was time to begin again.  Fresh. A new day.

And like Anne Shirley says, “…with no mistakes in it.”

That’s when the old problems clashed heavily with the new year. Time.  There wasn’t enough.  The more we explored and dug into our personal and podcasting goals, the more glaring that truth became.

Time to revamp and start anew.

So here’s the thing.  Sometimes we get caught up in all the newness of a new year.  We plan new beginnings, make resolutions, break out the new planners, set goals, dream dreams.

And that’s good stuff.

But because a lot of that can set us up for disappointment and failure, we sometimes denigrate the idea of a fresh start—we push back.  We hop on a pendulum and swing to the other side.

Down with the resolutions and goals!  No more planners and failed dreams.  Forget that; kill the dreams!  They’re the viruses of disappointment!


No, seriously. Hogwash. Even if you never achieve those goals or meet those resolutions, the process of coming up with them will help you root out some of the old problems and once you know what those old problems are, you can find ways to solve them.

And starting over with a fresh year—one with no mistakes in it… yet—is just the ticket you might need to do it.

idea for new beginnings

Hey, I’ve even got a bonus tip for you.

Don’t plan your entire year out at once.  Sure, create your year goals, but plan for the quarter.  It’s more manageable.  And let’s face it.  When you start with smaller chunks, if something gets off, it’s easier to fix the rest of the year, right?  It’s easier to crush those old problems when they try to rear themselves up again if you’re giving yourself a “new beginning” every quarter.

It’s a new beginning, not just for Alive & Writing but also for April, Clark, and me as individuals. We’re taking all these things we learned in our planning and applying them to the new year.

Meanwhile, the podcast is still on pause while we work on projects designed to bring in the revenue needed to save us a boatload of time.  Because we’re kind of waiting for a few awesome books from April, and if she spends all her time removing the squeaks and coughs from the podcast audio, I’m never going to get to find out what happens with Jezebel Jones or Sissy and Sassy.

Just sayin’.

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One comment on “How New Beginnings Can Help Solve Old Problems

  1. Susan Beatty Jan 9, 2019

    The struggle is real for all of us. Thanks for sharing.