Chapter 1 Episode 24 Balancing Writing and Everything Else

October 10, 2017


Chapter 1 Episode 24 Balancing Writing and Everything Else


Life is full of choices. Do I spend time with my husband tonight or do I write? Can I go out with my friends and not feel guilty about writing? Do my kids really need to eat dinner or can I write? Balancing writing with your life is a full-time occupation (as if you didn’t have enough to do already). In this episode, Chautona, April, and Clark discuss how they deal with the work/life balance, their ups and downs, and possible solutions when nothing else works.

And we have an announcement. *queue trumpet fanfare* Chapter 1 is nearly at an end and to celebrate our first year of podcasting, we’re hosting a giveaway! Stay tuned for details coming in the next two weeks. (See…we’re not above bribery!)

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Stay tuned for next weeks episode when we chat about Setting Boundaries

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