Chapter 2 Episode 16 Mental Health Doesn’t Need a Reason to Make You Miserable

June 5, 2018

Alive and Writing Podcast Chapter 2 Episode 16 Mental Health

NOTE: We aren’t doctors, therapists, or psychiatrists. We’re writers. That being said, we know what it’s like to live with mental health issues and we want to share our stories. Please, if you need mental health support, contact a local professional to get the help you need.

According to Newsweek, about 18% of the US population has some kind of mental health issue. That’s one in five Americans. For the world? It’s one in four according to WHO. That’s a lot of people, friends and listeners. It might be you or someone you know…or someone you love. The point is that we understand. We’ve been there and we want you to know you aren’t alone.

In this second episode of our mini-series How We Cope, the co-hosts chat about how Clark copes with the challenges that mental health issues continue to toss in his path to a writing career.

Mentioned in the Episode

The Black Dog Doesn’t Care by Mur Lafferty

Habit Bull app (for iOS and Android)


How to Start and Keep a Journal in Evernote by the Productivityist

Know the Warning Signs (of mental health issues) by National Alliance on Mental Health

Alive and Writing Book Club (Facebook group)

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