Chapter 2 Episode 21 How to Fight the Urge to Do “All the Things”

July 10, 2018

Alive and Writing Podcast Chapter 2 Episode 21 How to Fight the Urge to Do "All the Things"

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Running Your Writing Business and Other Fun Stuff

Writing books is a business, whether its what you do for a living or something you do on the side. And,  like most business, there are many tasks that have to be done all the time to keep the business afloat. In this episode, the co-hosts chat about why you shouldn’t let the busyness of business get to you, how to know when you’re too busy, and a few tips and tricks to narrow down what you really need to get done (besides the writing!).

Mentioned in the Episode

Various Marketing courses offered by:

  • Michael Hyatt
  • Tim Grahl
  • Kelly Holmes
  • Jeff Goins

Tailwind App – for scheduling posts to different social media outlets

Are You a Swan?: How to Overcome Book Marketing Overwhelm by Joel Friedlander

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