Chapter 2 Episode 22 3 Ways Running an RPG Will Make You a Better Writer

July 17, 2018

Alive & Writing Podcast | Chapter 2 Episode 22 3 WAYS RUNNING AN RPG WILL MAKE YOU A BETTER WRITER

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You Are a Story Master, Harry! I’m…a what?! Harry, You’re a Story Master!*

Storymaster, game master, DM…whatever you call them, they’re the creatives who help tell the main storyline of an RPG. In this episode, the co-hosts continue their discussion of role-playing games from the story master side of the table. Okay, it was a lot of fun and we just didn’t want it to end. Enjoy!

Mentioned in the Episode

Mythcreants – Fantasy & Science Fiction for Storytellers

What is the role of the DM? at the Dungeon Masters Only forum – great discussion on defining this important role in RPG

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*My apologies to the Wizarding community everywhere. I couldn’t help myself.

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