Chapter 2 Episode 24 Improving “Fighting Fire” with Killer Critiques

September 5, 2018

Alive and Writing Podcast Chapter 2 Episode 24 Fighting Fire with Killer Critiques | critique a short story

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How to Critique a Short Story…the Second Time Around

This week’s episode is a bit late. Why? Well it’s not only a long-form episode but we also had to re-record it. Apparently, the audio didn’t record correctly the first time, which is why you’ll hear us refer to the previous recording in this week’s episode. We apologize.

But this episode is good. Really good. We critique a short story, Fighting Fire, by Clark. In this episode, we chat about what a critique is, how it differs from feedback, and how to structure critiques. We also delve into Clark’s short story and figure out what makes it less “broken.” Heads up…it’s not.

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