NaNo 2017 Week 4 Light at the End of the Tunnel

November 28, 2017


Alive and Writing NaNo Week 4 Light at the End of the Tunnel



We hope that everyone had a great Thanksgiving, ate lots of turkey, and gorged on pie. Now, though, is the winter of our discontent…wait, no, that’s Richard III. Sorry. Now is the time for that last push to “win” at NaNo. And, here at Alive & Writing, the term “win” is subjective. Listen in as the co-hosts chat about the last week of NaNo, winning, and why April can’t stop laughing.

Oh, and April’s entire family is healthy and alive. It’ll make more sense at the end of the show.

We want to thank you, our listeners. Without you, this entire podcast wouldn’t be possible. So, to celebrate, we’re giving away two awesome gift packages, filled with hand-picked goodies. ENTER NOW  by the end of November to be eligible to win. International folks are welcome too!

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